The same cellular refueling method farmers developed to grow bigger, healthier plants while boosting crop yields, can now help you:

Keep your heart
healthy for life

Turbocharge your
immune system

Ramp up your energy and
metabolism on a cellular level



I have been taking Res-Q Orosine for several years now and find I still have a lot of energy all day long. I am 65, but don't feel my age. I continue my regular work around the house which includes cutting 1/2 acre with self-propelled mower.


Since I started Res-Q Orosine I have so much more stamina during my exercise sessions. I am walking up hills in my walking group with no effort. Love it!


Since starting Res-Q Orosine my blood pressure has gone from 140/80 to 110/70. I sleep better and have more energy through the day. As well, I've noticed that my recovery time after aerobic exercise is much shorter. Thanks!


Res-Q Orosine reduces the amount of fibrillation episodes that occur for me. It significantly reduced my mother's episodes when she took it too.


After gradually taking myself off medication my doctor prescribed for heart palpitations, I started Res-Q Orosine and now palpitations have just about stopped.


If you really want to keep your blood pressure down, this is the product to do it.

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